Specialists in ASEAN business


Commercial Property


Proserve Asia can guide you through your purchase, whether it is buying an established commercial unit, or raw land from which to build your own business. We have the resources to take you from negotiations through to purchase. We have consulted on many large commercial projects from the planning stages all the way through to full build.  Currently we work with many clients to either purchase or improve their current business. We have successfully introduced many international clients to opportunities in Asia, and count as our success’s improving already running commercial units such as large office rental spaces.


Residential Properties


If you are looking to relocate or invest, then allow us to use our expertise to enable you to get the correct property you require. We have dealt with many residential transfers in Asia and whether it be land, condominiums or houses, we can guarantee you will get the property you want and ensure you are legally protected. We will identified appropriate properties based on your particular needs and ensure they are protected against the various laws of Asian Countries.


Allow us to help you find your dream property and enable you to be confident in your purchase.


Proserve Asia also deals in neighboring countries to Thailand, and can assist you to acquire property in another location for personal or business use.