Specialists in ASEAN business


How we can help

We have facilitated access to large projects throughout Asia. With access to the right people in the right places, we aim to match the provider’s services to the client. At present infrastructure projects are being used throughout Asia to push countries economies forward. Our clients have been able to bid and secure projects based on our expertise.


Tendering Process

In the Asean region the tendering process relies on the fact you have a good understanding of the local situation. We can help with the legal aspects including setting up the right vehicle to enable you to tender. We can also introduce to the right local people and local companies to ensure the success of your tender. We believe that our local knowledge and resources will put you in the best position to have a successful tender.



We can act as your contract facilitators, or contract coordinators, we will help you secure solid and cost-effective business contracts with clients. We specialize in gaining access to government agencies. We have the right knowledge and expertise in these areas to enable your project to succeed. We want the project to be a long term success and put everything in place to ensure this occurs.