Specialists in ASEAN business


Proserve Asia is well placed in the region, offering top leveled administrative services to companies and individuals alike.  Our team of accountants, solicitors, tax and administrative professional can be seconded to your company, or work with you on an “as needed” basis to achieve full accountability.


Accountancy Services - We will ensure you have all the right information you need to allow your business to grow, and make sure you have no surprises.


Setting up your Thai Company - We have set up many businesses in Asia, we can advise you on what is the best option for your circumstances for your Thai company.


Setting up a business bank account - We can set you up a business bank account with one of our preferred banking partners. This will ensure your business banking is convenient, fast and effective.


Setting up company insurance -It is important that you protect yourself and your business and depending on your business are likely to need insurance. We work directly with a range of insurance companies to ensure we can meet your needs. On your instruction we will refer your details over to our insurers and they will arrange quotes and meetings as and when you need.


Operating your Company - There are ongoing requirements for all Ltd companies. We will ensure you meet your obligations with Social Security. We can register your staff with the relevant authorities and inform you of how much you need to pay.


Invoicing - We are happy to show you how to issue invoices, and if needed can invoice on your behalf.


Company income - Running your own Limited company allows you to control your tax efficiency. You have to consider staff salaries, your salary profit and loss’s and we are happy to show you how to use all of this to maximize profits.


Balance Sheets - We have auditors that can prepare your end of year reports and submit them to the tax office on your behalf.


VAT return - Once your company revenue is more than the current VAT registration threshold, you will be required to register for VAT. We can assist you with VAT registration and ensure you meet the ongoing requirements


Legal and Visa Services - One of the most frequent questions we deal with is legality and visa issues.  We are happy to consult on a wide range or Legal issues, including:


  • Company Formation
  • Company Buyouts
  • Land and Office Purchases
  • Work Permits
  • Employment Cases
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Criminal Litigation
  • Family Litigation


In relation to visas we can offer a comprehensive service to allow you to work and stay in Thailand. We specialize in offering you solutions to your specific needs and look at every case individually.

We offer:


  • Business Visa and Work Permits
  • Spouse Visas
  • Guardian and Family Visas
  • And much more


We will ensure through our comprehensive legal and visa team that you are always well informed and ahead of the competition.