Specialists in ASEAN business


Proserve Asia's aim is to provide diverse and expert leveled professional services to the ASEAN and international communities.


Proserve Asia is a foreign owned company registered in Thailand specialising in specific lines of business that are lacking in Asia, which assists companies enhance their productivity and profile.  We provide:


  • Safety and security consulting
  • Project delivery and management of donor funded programs in the Aid and Development sectors
  • Training and development covering a broad range of programs
  • Administrative and legal services to individuals and companies
  • Property acquisitions, commercial and residential project management consulting


We have worked with companies and organizations such as:


  • Thai government departments, including police and military
  • Asian and International for profit commercial companies
  • Foreign Aid and Development companies
  • International Aid and Development donors
  • Local and international NGOs and non profit charitable Foundations


Our Team


Simon A. Miller


Simon brings with him nearly 30 years of experience working on major projects.


He has overseen and directed projects as diverse as major refits of hotels, designing and building private yachts and working with major oil companies in Africa. His list of clients include Nabors Drilling International, Houston, Texas ,the Grand Hotel in Bristol, Sam LDA Project Management Company in Portugal and Artemus Oil and Gas Company, Canada. In addition he has set up and run successful business ventures for himself in the US, Thailand and Portugal.


With experience of managing and leading teams of 300 people, we believe the value he brings to Proserve and our clients is second to none.